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52nd Grammys Galactic Fashion Parade



Leading the pack is our very own kooky girl, Lady Gaga. Totally off the wall, she totally owned the Armani PrivĂ© Orbit – I mean, look at her. Who else can pull off that fantastically sparkling corseted dress (the cylindrical orbits are genius) AND that spiky, metallic starburst ornament but her? True story.

Futuristic Styling. Oh yeah. This is the future.

Beyonce, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Keri Hilson and Katy Perry also nailed it for me this year.

Oh. And hues were everywhere on the red carpet. Out with the black, in with the pastels! Detailed tailoring, glitter and sparkles. So good. Wardrobe overhaul in progress.

Let it also be known that I yelled, “Fergielicious!” when she popped on screen. Leave it to her to bring colour to the red carpet. The cobalt minidress with gold slither detail fits like a glove! Gold jewels and strappy sandals added a midas touch to her perfect ensemble.

Best dressed for me? Glee actress Lea Michele lights up the red carpet in a short and very cute one shoulder Romona Keveza dress. Totally loving the feather hemline – very girly and coquettish. Well done! I commend her for avoiding fashion faux pas and being murdered on Fashion Police on E!

But girl, a little tip – please try and remember your designer. That could be an issue later. Just saying….


Crushing San Francisco


Staying up for 38 hours started to become boring, and having some shut eye became really appealing. 8 hours of snooze later, I awake with the sun on my face and soft fluffy pillows all around.

Good morning, San Francisco.

09:50hrs: Cab down to the Farmers Market at Port of San Francisco. Probably the best Saturday morning activity I’ve done in a long long time. Fresh produces, friendly farmers, heavenly sunny weather and happy people all around. Had the best apple & cinnamon sausage on a rosemary soft roll which was absolutely divine.

12:00hrs: Strolled down The Embarcadero bathed in giggles and love with Rachel and Mary. As we approached Pier 39, I started craving for Clam Chowder. Oh yummy yum yum. Headed straight to Crab House for some really delicious Crab Chowder which, if you are ever in San Francisco, you MUST go. Marvelled at Alcatraz from a distance as we headed towards Fisherman’s Wharf. Sat on the tram for the first time as we went up and down and up again on hilly SF. What an experience.

15:30hrs: The Castro. Oh yes. Met with Emily & the other girls at Toadhall. Surrounded by beautiful men in lumberjacks and timberlands (someone’s clearly missed out on serious gay love – you know who you are), all I could do was stare and drool at these eye candies. Why are all the fit and gorgeous men gay? Why? Why? We cut some serious shapes on the dancefloor and killed it.

My first 24 hours in The City. I love you already.

Hello The City


A welcome note from the lovely Rachel ... I love her already

Someone once wrote, “No city invites the heart to come to life as San Francisco does. Arrival in San Francisco is an experience in living“. Well, I couldn’t agree more.

A couple of delicious white wines, amazing in-flight entertainment and 12 hours up in the air, the plane landed at San Francisco International Airport at 10:05hrs today. I had gone without sleep for more than 20 hours and it dawned upon me that I had to live Friday all over! Great.

After going through tight airport security, I hopped on the BART and headed straight for the Civic Centre. Got out, flagged down a cab and spoke my first words… “430, Steiner Street on Page”. Yes. Rachel’s address. The girl I’ve never met in my life and whom I was going to stay with throughout my sabbatical. How exciting!

Rachel’s lovely cousin, Mary, greeted me at the door with a big smile and hug. I love her already. She’s gone to meet some friends now whilst I luxuriate on Rachel’s comfy couch in her beautiful apartment. They’ve even got an allotment at the back of the flat! Perfect summer hangout, I’m thinking.

The thing I look forward to most today? Watching Rachel walk through her front door and giving her a huge hug. It’ll be emotional. And brilliant. Word.

The Swoosh and I


When Nike throws you a farewell party, you know you’re family for life.

January Milestones:

22 Jan 2010: Theresa Lim bids Team Nike Mindshare farewell with Japanese food, bottomless beer + sake and karaoke.

25 Jan 1964: Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Blue Ribbon Sports, which later came to be known as Nike Inc in 1978.

25 Jan 2010: Nike bids Robbie, Alistair and Theresa a final farewell at Mesa.

Saying goodbye is never easy. And how wonderful it is to actually have something that makes saying goodbye so so hard. In my farewell email to the family last week, I admitted how crap I am with goodbyes. Compounded with the wave of emotions when I look back at the the last 19 months and seeing what a long way I’ve come (both professionally and on a personal level), the wonderful bonds and friendships fostered and more importantly, embracing and living the spirit of passion and sports with panache – the Nike way.

As I move on to the next chapter of my career, I will take with me that spirit and all the wonderful and unforgettable experiences to be a better leader, colleague and person.

Amen to Nike. Just Do It.

The Start of a Sabbatical


I am jobless. The Noughties have come and gone. It is the end of January. And I need an adventure. So here I am. This evening, I arrived in Hong Kong for an overnight stopover. My mate, Marcus, has very kindly offered his sofa and delicious egg tarts. Yum yum.

Am feeling kinda nervous about the next 3 weeks. It would be the first time I am travelling on my own to meet and stay with people I don’t really know (or met!). But a wise man once said to me, “It is scary, but most cool things you do in life are”. And blooming right he is.

Tomorrow morning, I will meet Luiz for breakfast, shop around Kowloon, hop on the Airport Express and steady myself for the New World. San Francisco – here I come.

Hello world.