The Swoosh and I


When Nike throws you a farewell party, you know you’re family for life.

January Milestones:

22 Jan 2010: Theresa Lim bids Team Nike Mindshare farewell with Japanese food, bottomless beer + sake and karaoke.

25 Jan 1964: Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Blue Ribbon Sports, which later came to be known as Nike Inc in 1978.

25 Jan 2010: Nike bids Robbie, Alistair and Theresa a final farewell at Mesa.

Saying goodbye is never easy. And how wonderful it is to actually have something that makes saying goodbye so so hard. In my farewell email to the family last week, I admitted how crap I am with goodbyes. Compounded with the wave of emotions when I look back at the the last 19 months and seeing what a long way I’ve come (both professionally and on a personal level), the wonderful bonds and friendships fostered and more importantly, embracing and living the spirit of passion and sports with panache – the Nike way.

As I move on to the next chapter of my career, I will take with me that spirit and all the wonderful and unforgettable experiences to be a better leader, colleague and person.

Amen to Nike. Just Do It.


About Theresa Lim

Hello. My name is Theresa. I am a Singaporean living in London. I love baking, dining out, dancing, laughing and travelling. Currently, I am a Digital Strategist at a media agency to pay the rent. In the near future, I will win The Great British Bake-Off, set up my own Bakery and charity organisation. This is my dream and I will live it one day.

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