Sunday Funday


One of the many vintage record stores on Haight Street

Sundays are the best. True story.

We had brunch at Home by the bar counter and not only was a gastronomic feast, I feasted my eyes on the very sexy and hot bartender, Nolan – Rachel’s BFF. Unfortunately, like all the other 90% of men in San Francisco, this sexy biscuit is gay. Why. So all I could do was stare and sigh. D’oh.

Then we hit the shops on the famous Haight Street where the cool and hippie hang. Vintage shops, second hand boutiques, American Apparel, Wasteland… oh yes… come to me. I bought a purple tutu, a headpiece made of fake flowers and netting, 3 pairs of AA socks and a 2010 must-have piece – an ultra long sleeveless black vest. Bingo.

That trip killed our feet so we cabbed back to Rachel’s in time for the Grammys Red Carpet (see previous blog post for my take on it). We cooked dinner which consisted of baked chicken breasts in garlic, sauteed kale, carrots, mushrooms and onions soaked in red wine and a serving of basmati rice each. Muy delicioso.

I’m off to Portland tomorrow evening and am very excited to see the vision that is Jason White at the Arrivals Hall.

The trip has only just begun.


About Theresa Lim

Hello. My name is Theresa. I am a Singaporean living in London. I love baking, dining out, dancing, laughing and travelling. Currently, I am a Digital Strategist at a media agency to pay the rent. In the near future, I will win The Great British Bake-Off, set up my own Bakery and charity organisation. This is my dream and I will live it one day.

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