A city called Portland


Jason in his glorious flesh.. in front of me... in Portland!

You know that a trip is going to be amazing when:
1) The flight you’re on is half empty
2) That means you’ve got 3 seats to yourself
3) They dim the lights throughout the entire evening flight
4) You arrive bang on time at the destination


Walking out of the plane towards Baggage Claim, I was so so excited. Excited because I’ve never been to Portland and there was going to be so many friendly faces to see. So when I saw the vision that was Jason White standing at the Arrivals Hall in the glorious flesh, I was ecstatic! Friendly familiar face = safe.

Off we popped in Jason’s new BMW (very sleek) for a little tour around the city at nightfall. Gorgeousness. We drove round and round the 5 bridges that connected both East and West sides. Magical. After that epic encounter, we stopped at Ringside Steakhouse – only THE best steakhouse in the US. I’m just saying….

Anne + a mate dropped by and we had the most amazing bar bites EVER. True story. We had steak bites with horseradish, fish bites with tartare, buffalo wings (I reordered 4 times because it was so yummy), caesar salad, shrimp cocktail and cheese breads. All these deliciousness was washed down with glasses of wine and happy conversations. I was so happy to be dining with the two people I met in Shanghai in Portland.

With a full stomach and a smile on my face, we headed back to Jason’s. What an apartment. OMG. I want to move to Portland and live in a place like his. Huge flatscreen TV, incredible sound system, wikid leather sofa, open-planned kitchen, gorgeous bedroom and a 360 view that overlooks the entire city. This is the dream.

As I closed my eyes last night, I thought about how lucky and wonderful my life truly is. I’m really glad to be on this trip. It’s starting to give me a lot of perspective and clarity – two things I really need before I head back to the life that is Shanghai.

Good night, New World. I love you.


About Theresa Lim

Hello. My name is Theresa. I am a Singaporean living in London. I love baking, dining out, dancing, laughing and travelling. Currently, I am a Digital Strategist at a media agency to pay the rent. In the near future, I will win The Great British Bake-Off, set up my own Bakery and charity organisation. This is my dream and I will live it one day.

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