Styling Jason White for First Thursday


Two thumbs up!

This man is stylish, ultra cool and never fails to make a fashion impression. So when the clock struck 01:00hrs on a quiet Thursday morning in Portland, imagine the alarm bells that started ringing when Jason turned to me with nothing but a style-block for First Thursday (and well, there was another reason too but we’ll leave it out for now)!

Putting on my Rachel Zoe cap, I had a very clear brief in mind – It’s First Thursday evening where Portlanders come together to sip wine and mingle. And it’s art! So let’s dress up but not over-the-top. Bearing in mind that he’s coming straight from work (and a very important meeting with the global Nike client!), let’s go semi-formal that is effortless and comfortable for a gentleman who works in only the most amazing creative agency. Right. This will be easily sorted out in a couple of minutes. Or so I thought.

No half decent ad man was gonna crush evening art galleries without a fashion centre-piece to show for. So a sleeveless Calvin Klein thermalite shell jacket was picked out and mutually agreed upon. The layered look also meant Jason could easily pile on and off whenever he was indoors or outdoors (which will be chilly). So after an hour of trying on different colour schemes, cuts, fabrics and designs, we came to a final decision (see photo above left).

This was also the first time he’s spent so much time mulling over what to wear and I was honoured to be part of that inaugural moment. This is very special.

Know that it was past 02:00hrs on a school night AND Jason had a global Nike conference call happening at 06:30hrs. But that’s how he rolls. Respect to the man.


About Theresa Lim

Hello. My name is Theresa. I am a Singaporean living in London. I love baking, dining out, dancing, laughing and travelling. Currently, I am a Digital Strategist at a media agency to pay the rent. In the near future, I will win The Great British Bake-Off, set up my own Bakery and charity organisation. This is my dream and I will live it one day.

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