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PHD Shanghai: Building my Digital Empire one tweet at a time


I hereby introduce you to one of China’s formidable digital taskforce – the team at PHD Shanghai, China.

(we’re missing David and Crystal)

Back in 25 Feb 2010, PHD Shanghai consisted of one rather amazing digital extraordinaire – me. Fast forward 18 months, that count has grown to 16. Consisting of 4 super interns and 12 full-timers, we spend most of our time laughing, eating, snacking, joking, poking fun at David and Thomas – all with the common aim of having a lot of fun whilst producing good work.

We work on Estee Lauder, Clinique, Origins, La Mer,  Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Lab Series, DKNY Fragrances, New Balance, Laniege, Mamonde, Standard Chartered Bank, Esprit, Cerebos, Porsche and Harrods. It’s not Nike but hey, we have tons of fun time mucking around so that balances everything out.

One Love. One Team. ‘Ave it.


18 Months Later……


Earlier today, it dawned upon me that I haven’t updated this blog in a long time. Yeap. A bloody long time, actually.

Obviously, that realisation led to a period (we’re talking a couple of minutes here) of reflection and one of my emotions is a creeping guilt at the fact that I’ve not documented the shifts in my life in the past year in any meaningful way. For example, posting it right here. But as the saying goes, “It’s never too late” so I’m grabbing that by the balls and I stand before all ye who is even interested, to share my 2010/11 milestones:

1) On 5th March 2010, Natalie and I set up a passion project called “thelittlegreendoor” . Subscribing into the ethos of “Karmic Living” – transcending age, culture, race, religion and beliefs – TLGD is deeply rooted in the concept of “Pay It Forward” by enabling spiritual and wellness workshops, events and community gatherings to be as accessible and affordable as possible.

2) I’ve done tons of inner work and essentially taking a serious look at my destructive patterns, and gaining a stronger sense of awareness of the mental/emotional blockages in my life.

3) Forgave, reconciled and healed the long-standing strained relationship with my mother

4) Dated all kinds of men, wasted my time on a couple, got stalked by one, and only to learn one thing: When you are happy, you are sexy.

5) On the work front, I built a team of 15 super smart and amazing digital geniuses at PHD Shanghai. It’s a dream for every manager to have what I have, and for that, I’m very very grateful.

6) Gave up on “old Shanghai houses” in favour of a luxury condominium. Not looking back.

7) Lost a few friends to the whole “I’m done with China, I’m gone. Bye” syndrome and gained new ones in return.

8 ) Outsmarted the Great Firewall of China with VPN on my iphone4 – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Foursquare, come to me already.

9) Ripped out every single piece of black, grey or dark coloured clothing from my wardrobe (Hi, Red Cross) in favour of anything in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink.

10) Seen one too many psychics, astrologers, palm readers, face readers, i-ching readers, seers and Egyptian healers – same shit, different smell.

11) Opened a Weibo account which has a. Forced me to up my mandarin skills b. Turned me into an overnight success with a “V” badge (which is only ever awarded to prominent figures and celebrities )

12) That nothing I do now at work comes marginally close to what I had on Team Nike.

13) After trying to kill myself 9m underwater, I finally obtained the PADI Open Water Divers License in Koh Tao, Thailand. All of this with the help of cheap Thai beers and alcohol “buckets”.

14) Committed to 1.5 weeks of proper Vietnamese street food in Hanoi, Hoi Ann and Hue over Christmas 2010.

15) Ate and Prayed in Bali.

16) Where my social llife and friendships are concerned, I’ve learnt that having scattered leaves all around me does not compare to having a few precious gems in my pocket. So a big thank you to those who stuck with me when things got tough.

17) When things don’t go your way, it’s never a) Personal, b) Permanent and c) Pervasive. Take a chill pill and move on.

18) That when I say “Yes” to life, life says “Yes” back to me.

19) Just because we go through a difficult situation, it doesn’t mean that the future is predetermined. The future is very much in our hands, in our actions.

20) I allow myself to feel much more now. That only means 2 things – the ability to be more compassionate and cry like a fucking baby whilst watching Glee.

21) I’m now Godma to 4 very beautiful children – Ryan, Hayley, Hayden and the latest addition, Kayla (aka Lollie)

22) Flirted with the idea of a Buddhism deep-dive at Labrang Monastery (Gansu Province, China) and rode a horse across the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

23) Registered my very own domain name for this blog today. Huge coup.

24) I’m in a happy place right now. No dramas, no anger, nothing. Life is really good.

Of course, there are plenty more that happened since my last blog post in February 2010. But I can’t be bothered to list them all down so the above 24 points will do.

I’m excited to be back in the blogsphere so watch this space.