Kickstarting Someone’s Dream


A proud backer of Jack Cheng’s “These Days”

Back in 2012, I backed US$35 on with the intention to help make an aspiring US writer’s publishing dream come true. It was probably one of the top things I did in that year that makes me smile each time I think about it.

Titled “These Days”, Jack Cheng leads us into a world of startups and an examination of the human side of technology, of both the makers and the end users, who are often one and the same. It’s about finding happiness and fulfilment in the digital age; a meditation on time, memory and things gained and lost in an accelerating world.


I love it when someone sends me a handwritten note.

And as if that wasn’t enough reason to back Jack (which it is, by the way), my name would also appear as one of the 961 Kickstarters backers – printed under the “Credits” section. Amazing.


My name! Look! Yay!

Apart from the material gratification, it makes me happy to be a part of someone’s dream – in which a small contribution on my part helped turned that into a reality.

Lately, I have also been thinking a lot about a wonderful quote from Paulo Coelho, “When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Like many of’s thousands, Jack had a dream. And because it was aligned with his vibration and life’s passion, he projected this dream right out to the far ends of the Universe and in turn, the Universe responded and gave him exactly what his heart asked for.

So when was the last time your heart felt a conviction so strong, so powerful, that you knew this would be the one thing that your soul yearns for? Perhaps it is time to dust off the layers of fatigue, past hurts and let go of the “you do not deserve this” limiting belief. If there is one thing you could do today, let it be about reinstating your personal power to become the beautiful person you were always meant to be but have forgotten. Let’s do this.


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